King Kong. A Rant From Facebook Worth Reading.

by Daniel Russ on January 5, 2018

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I don’t often do this. In fact, I have never done this before. But I am posting a rant from David Touchton, a Country and Blues singer here in Austin, Texas. His manifesto about King Kong summarizes the blind eye we all turn towards subjugating people. Look at how easy it is to follow this story and miss a truly germain point.

On this day where we all are supposed to be giving thanks for all we’ve got(and conveniently forgetting about the massacring and land-grabbing of the native Americans)I’d like to take a minute to say something about a topic I feel strongly about and is very near to my heart. You don’t have to like what I’m about to say or agree in any way, but I’d hope on this day of thanks we can agree to put our differences aside. It’s hard for me to believe in this day and age that this is even an issue that goes without recognition, but I can’t stay quiet any longer. So here goes…

It aggravates the shit out of me that King Kong is still to this day thought of as a movie “monster”.

This is a creature who was minding his own business on his little skull-shaped island, not bothering anyone, only occasionally slaying some sort of giant lizard to assert his dominance. He’s even getting along with the human tribe that shares the island. They respect him, he leaves them alone(with only the occasional human sacrificial offering). Then all of a sudden here comes this group of humans hell bent on invading a land where they don’t belong (hmmm…maybe this story is more suited for telling on thanksgiving than I originally thought). The humans begin to wreak havok on Kong’s home, blowing things up, leaving cigarette butts to burn holes in the carpets, setting fire to the drapes…etc. And when this king of beasts fights back screaming “Who has been putting their Kools out on my floor?!?”(80s movie reference), they turn on him with their tanks and their bombs and their bombs and their guns(90s rock reference), forcing Kong to retaliate by squishing them like so many grapes between his toes. But this beast is no match for human weaponry or treachery and he finally succumbs.

AND THEN the sorry sonsabitches, in the name of greed, ship him off and transport him to a bustling full blown human city, a place where he never knew existed and does not belong. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, what do they do??? They chain him up and put him on display to be mocked and gawked at by slack-jawed gawking gawkers. Finally, having enough of the paparazzi, he breaks his chains of indenturement and flees from his captors through the concrete jungle, only pausing to rescue the woman he loves and climb to the top of the tallest tree(it was a building, but gorillas don’t understand buildings).

AND THEN…what do the sorry bastards do??? They send planes, dozens of them, to put thousands of bullets into the beast(?) and end his once peaceful gorilla life. And die he does. So I ask you, what makes King Kong a “monster”? Was it the defense of his homeland? Was it the chains that were involuntarily strapped to him? Was it falling in love with someone he shouldn’t love? Was it a last-ditch rage effort to get out of a place he never should have been and get back to the place he desired the most?

Say what you will…but in this man’s humble opinion it is us who are the real monsters. It is us who deserve to be put in chains. It is us who deserve to be chased out of town with fiery torches. Oh, wait…that was Frankenstein’s monster.
Goddamnit! Don’t even get me started on Frankenstein’s “monster”…

Happy thanksgiving, friends.


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