Sixth Generation Fighter Aircraft Development

Well US 6th generation fighter aircraft are already well underway. Some of the systems we will be developing at solid state laser weapons that can create a sterile sphere of safety around carrier fleets, shooting down both aircraft and incoming missiles, or damage weapon systems with microwave radiation.

Another new development would be a way to capture the heat energy created by the jet turbine, and instead of off-loading it and hiding the heat, the heat energy would be transformed into another power source.

Boeing is looking at a plane without the rear vertical stabilizer, which would also lower its profile and increase its chance of surviving attack. It would also give it a smaller radar cross section. It might actually make it less maneuverable but it makes it less vulnerable as well.

The F-22 was a disaster cost wise and in sourcing. Of the 187 planes built only 125 are combat ready and most of the problem is coding and upkeep. The F-22 is also a difficult plane to maintain and lots of them are down at any time.

Here are renderings of the 6th generation fighter, the F-XX


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