Russia’s 5th Generation Fighter: The Sukhoi 57

So as warfare continues to produce new lethal technologies beyond legacy weaponry, the old format is also still quite alive. In the past year we have seen new 5th generation fighter aircraft displayed at air shows like the Cold War was still in full bloom.

Here is the new Sukhoi 67, a jet designed to replace the Sukhoi 27 Flanker and the MIG 29 Fulcrum. Some of technology in the plane is not plain to see. The engines are avionics bays are built to be modular and to last for at least four decades. The new AESA radar has been in development for ten years or more and it was tested in the T-50 prototype.

Like western analogues, the Sukhoi 57 will carry four radar guided missiles, and four infrared guided missiles. The K-77M is the Russian answer to the AMRAAM, and the K-74 is the Russian analogue to the AIM-9X.

The pilot will engage his fire control system with helmet mounted technologies. The plane itself will reach speeds in excess of 1400 miles per hour and fly for over 2000 miles unrefueled.


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