Abandoned Tanks

Identify these for me.










































3 thoughts on “Abandoned Tanks”

  1. My 2 cents:
    M47 Patton
    T90 with reactive armour, and a BMP version on the right
    T34/85 in blue in the background, and probably a T34/85 without turret in the front
    More T62’s
    Russian tanks 😉
    Chieftain (pre-production version?)

  2. Matches my list . including the T-34-85

    third from the last is like a T-90

    and I think the last one is a Centurion

  3. According to me the last one is not a Centurion, as the fitting of the barrel to the turret does not look right. It is also not a Challenger, and looks more like a Chieftain to me. Although it looks slightly different to the production version, so I think it might be a pre-producion version.

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