What A Ride This Has Been


It was launched in 1997 it has been flying and working at about 17 000 miles per hour ever since.


All its systems are operational.


It has traversed 10 billion miles, using gravity momentum slings for all these years. It looked at Jupiter, and discovered 7 new moons there. It launched the Huygens probe on Christmas Day 2005 that landed on Saturn and took 350 photos because a software error lost the rest of that mission. It observed a transit of Venus across the Sun. It conducted Relativity Theory tests. It looked closely at Phoebe, an asteroid/moon around Saturn. It observed a massive solar storm in 2015. It flew by Enceladus a moon of Saturn and observed gaseous geysers spewing liquids into the sky.  It has taken and classified the rings of Saturn, a tremendously complex system and has even discover spokes in the wheels. It took high resolution images of Hyperion, Dione and Rhea, all comets in orbit. It discovered a large hexagon weather system that is larger than the Earth.


Today, it flies into the atmosphere of Saturn to burn up and say goodbye to 20 years of science.



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