I Am Battle Comic. Review.

by Daniel Russ on August 27, 2017


It is perfectly appropriate that I write a review of I Am Battle Comic on my military history site. My site is about all things military and sending entertainment to keep the morale of US military personnel has been a long held tradition. In World War I women fought for the right to go and dance and sing for troops. In World War II, Mickey Rooney and Bob Hope, Marlena Dietriech, Roy Rogers, John Wayne and other Hollywood luminaries flew out across the world to tell jokes for troops.


It was a smashing success.


As child I remember when it seemed to the American public that the Vietnam War was actually not going well and the government was putting on a brave face and passing on enemy body counts as proof that we were winning against the Communists. When there were massive build-ups sometimes the media claimed that these were just…you know…”Advisors”.


So on Christmas Eve in Vietnam they were telecasting a live Bob Hope show in front of troops in 1967, he opened it with a loud: “Hello ADVISORS!”


Robin Williams famously rocked the troops in USO shows and the tradition goes on.


My friend Director Jordan Brady led a tam of comics to Afghanistan and Kuwait and filmed it. Comedians Slade ham and Don Barnhardt, George Lopez and Dave Atell are some of the comics featured in this 90 minute documentary.


The film is really quite brilliant and simple. He didn’t get in the way of the film. He just showed the proceedings, meeting base commanders, doing shows, filming the audience, and the results are quite satisfying.


The effort is heartfelt and interviews with comics like Shawn Halpin and Dick Capri often end in tears. You see there is no better combination than soldiers who are grateful for a few laughs and comics who live for gratitude.


Proceeds from the rental or purchase go to the National Military Families Association.


Get it now. My advice.










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