The Reason No One Stopped The German Re-Armament

by Daniel Russ on August 15, 2017

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In Violation of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany made the MP-40 sub machine gun.Over one million of them.



The treaty of Versailles created Adolph Hitler. Among the draconian restrictions placed on the German nation was a limit of 100,000 soldiers, the loss of 14,000 military aircraft given to Allies or scrapped, and no conscription in a volunteer army only. But the real wound was the lack of industry that would have provided jobs and a path to modern industrialization.


The goal of the Treaty of Versailles was to humiliate the Germans and keep them a second class nation. Another maleficent policy removed the Rhineland, West Prussia and Upper Silesia from German territory. Few policy makes realized the fury that this would bake into the hearts of a whole generation of Germans forced to live impecuniously while the rest of the world thrived. Europeans japed at the Germans and like today’s Trump supporters, they built strong resentments about the intellectual and cultural opposition to their violent nationalism and bigotry.


The implementation of the treaty was not unopposed. Germans by the millions took to the streets and bitterly complained. But with only minutes until their compliance grace period ended, moments before another war was perpetrated, the hapless Germans acquiesced and signed.


The army had been so diminished that the Germans could barely contain a riot. It also prevented the Germans from access to tanks, combat aircraft, submarines and chemical weapons.


Fifty German battleships cruisers, destroyers, transports and so forth had been escorted into the Scottish anchorage at Scapa Flow ready to be parceled out to Allied navies. German Vice Admiral Ludwig Von Reuter arranged for sabotage crews to open seacocks or set charges. While the Allies slept, right their noses, on November 21st, 1918, the entire captured German fleet slipped beneath the waves.


German WWI military officer Von Seeckt wrote: “If fate once again calls the German people to arms, and who can doubt that day will come, then officers should not have to call on a nation of weaklings, but of strong men ready to take up familiar and trusted weapons. The form these weapons take is not important as long as they are wielded by hands of steel and hearts of iron.”


It was prophetic.


In short order, the Germans built one of the most technological and motivated fighting forces of all times.


Alfred Krupp, the cannoneer and industrial manufacturing giant was actually a monarchist, and while he wanted a strong Germany he did not ant to see a Republic per-se. He applied full effort behind clandestine and often blatant efforts developing armored guns, aircraft and cannons. Inspectors were fooled, paid off, and often distracted into missing evidence that the Germans were developing submarines, high quality artillery and experimenting with tanks.


By the time the German army was marching back from the win in Spain in support of the Nationalists, the world was astonished at what the Germans had accomplished so far.


It has been discussed that the massive armamentarium the Weimar Republic was reconstituting was an open secret among even inspector teams. Keep in mind that on the other side of German was Russia, a newly minted Communist empire that was going through its own arms race. This would prove prophetic as well. The world was glad to see German buffer between them and Western Europe.


Plenty of historians realize that we could no more have stopped Nazi rearmament than we can stop an Islamist insurgency in Islamic countries. The Treaty of Versailles created the monster, and the hatred fueled the cause.


The Panzer Mark IV




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