The M3 Lee Tank.

by Daniel Russ on July 10, 2017

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The M3 Lee tank had problems for cure. It was over 10 feet tall, which made it an easy target. The armor was not welded, rather it was riveted which made it vulnerable to tank round, even those not suited for penetration. It had an unusual twin gun mount, one was 75mm gun that was pretty good for a medium tank at the time, (1941) and it had a smaller 37mm gun. It also featured not one but two Browning heavy machine guns that fired 30.06 ammo. It traveled at 23 miles per hour.

It had a 5 speed transmission and needed 7 people to operate. A driver, two cannoneer gunners, a machine gunner and a loader, a radio man, and commander

We built about 6258 of them and it saw extensive action in North Africa and it was used quite a bit by the British against the Japanese in Southeast Asia. It was also used by the Soviet Union that received about 1000 of them.

Within a year of its deployment it was easily outclassed by newer tanks.







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