It’s A Good Thing That The Sun Sets On The British Empire.


The ascent into Empire for Britain was quite ruthless, racist and bloody. One need only look at the 116,000 Boers held in concentration camps, and the 100,000 Africans held. In 1943, 3,000,000 Biafrans died of starvation because Britain made sure more rations went to their own war efforts. In 1922, at the end of the peak of the British Empire, the United Kingdom controlled a quarter of the Earth’s surface. Yes, “the sun never sets on the British Empire,” the saying went. Now the sun sets on the empire precisely at 7:30 PM. The empire could be considered born on 1853 with the expansion into the New World, it’s holdings in the East and the East India Company, one of the first global trading firms. But lately the cost of Empire is still being tallied. Harvard historian Caroline Elkins discovered that Britain had held 1.5 million Mau Maus in Kenya. They were abused to a fare thee well with starvation, torture and rape. Then again, history is written by the victors.




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  1. The 1943 famine was in Bengal (modern day Bangla Desh and Eastern India), and not in Biafra, which was\is part of Nigeria. But other then that, I agree with the sentiment. Unfortunately the same goes for the Dutch, French, German and United States Empire, from 1800 until 1970….

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