The GM-15 (Gummimaske) 1916. Germany’s First WWI Gas Mask.

by Daniel Russ on July 18, 2017

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The Germans made the GM-15 gas mask in large numbers in 1916, as it was the prototype design of a gas mask system that allowed a soldier to fight an breathe whilst located in clouds of noxious and lethal chemicals. It was the first in a series of gas mask which were manufactured for military use by the German military in WWI. The mask was comprised of rubber, wood and a filter. The filter contained diatomite impregnated with a 40% solution of potash, powdered over with active carbon. The Gummimaske came with a variety of lenses and a cylindrical gas filter is screwed into the bottom of the mask.




Source: media-cache, Pinterest, Great War Forum




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