The GM-15 (Gummimaske) 1916. Germany’s First WWI Gas Mask.

by Daniel Russ on July 18, 2017

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The Germans made the GM-15 gas mask in large numbers in 1916, as it was the prototype design of a gas mask system that allowed a soldier to fight an breathe whilst located in clouds of noxious and lethal chemicals. It was the first in a series of gas mask which were manufactured for military use by the German military in WWI. The mask was comprised of rubber, wood and a filter. The filter contained diatomite impregnated with a 40% solution of potash, powdered over with active carbon. The Gummimaske came with a variety of lenses and a cylindrical gas filter is screwed into the bottom of the mask.




Source: media-cache, Pinterest, Great War Forum




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Scott S December 3, 2018 at 1:22 pm

Two of the four (really one of the three) of the pictures in this article is correct. Specifically, the picture (used twice) of two soldiers with a mule have the Gummimaske. The second picture from the top is of WW2 era German soldiers in M-30 Gas masks. Finally the bottom photo is of a WW1 German gas mask but of the type that replaced the Gummimaske in 1917, the Lederschuetzmaske. One other note, the Gummimaske came out in 1915, not 1916…which is why it is the GM-15 and not the GM-16 since Germans typically numbered gear and weapons by the year it came out.

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