The Incredible Cassini-Huygens Mission


It began almost 20 years ago. This mission is one of the most successful space exploration programs in the history of all exploration. It has traveled almost 7 million miles. About halfway through its mission it launched another probe it had been carrying; this was the Huygens module that landed on the largest moon of Saturn, Titan. It has sent back tens of thousands of images. It has given us our first look at the massive dark spot and the roiling storms on Jupiter. It has given us close up vies of Saturn’s beautiful rings.


Launched on October 15th 1997, from a USAF Titan IVB Centaur Rocket and two stage boosters, this 3.3 billion dollar mission has gone far past its scheduled operating window. It is a truly international project, and will soon crash into Saturn where the results will tell our scientific instruments what material are stirred up in the collision.

Here are some of the images this probe has sent back.





Saturn’s Outer Rings



Saturn’ Storm at the north pole.


Saturn’s Storm at the north pole.



Source: NASA




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    I am a representative from a publishing company. May I ask whether the fifth image can be used as public domain in one of our publication targeting mainly for school children years 10, 11, and 12.

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  2. All these images belong to the Johnson Propulsion Lab. I believe if you cite that it’s public domain, since you and paid for it.

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