Round Three of What Is This Picture”

Of course Civilian Military Intelligence Group exists on 4 platforms. One of them is Google+. There a blogger named Dylan posts from I No Longer Use The Internet. I do not know where he finds these photos but they are behind the line German and Russian shots taken during WWI or WWII. Here we go and these are all guesses.


Detritus of US Armor after a losing battle in Western Europe.


Russians loading Katyusha rockets. Eastern Front. WWII.



Marine. Japan. WWII.


Wehmacht in Ardennes Forest. Battle of the Bulge. The German in the foreground is carrying Sturmgeschutz assault rifle. This is probably not Russia as these Germans are well dressed and better equipped than the Eastern Front groups.


German Stug III. This anti tank gun is covered with debris to camouflage it.






1 thought on “Round Three of What Is This Picture””

  1. The picture with Marine WWII Japan, seems more like Vietnam, by the cut of his trousers, and the flak jackets that he and the others, are wearing.
    And the STUG looks to be just a PAK. It’s just the AT gun, with no tracks

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