Yet Another Round of “What Is This Photo?”

by Daniel Russ on June 17, 2017

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Of course Civilian Military Intelligence Group exists on 4 platforms. One of them is Google+. There a blogger named Dylan posts from I No Longer Use The Internet. I do not know where he finds these photos but they are behind the line German and Russian shots taken during WWI or WWII. Here we go and these are all guesses.


My guess is these Wehrmacht are in North Africa. This is probably Afrika Korps.



Marines somewhere in Japanese Islands rooting out enemy soldiers.



The open expanse probably says Russian. These are Panzer Mk IVs.



US Army probably in France WWII. Officer has a mustache and an M1 carbine.


British Infantry and German Infantry after armistice in WWI.




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Louis October 19, 2017 at 9:50 am

The Americans in France looks like Paratroopers (jumpboots(?) worn by the leftmost soldier) in The Netherlands (the architecture looks more dutch than french to me)
And the Wehrmacht soldiers are probaly not in North Africa, as they do not seem to wear any tropical uniforms, just Feldgrau.

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