The Colt Revolving Rifle.

by Daniel Russ on June 1, 2017

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Colt Ring Loader


Colt Revolving Rifle


The Colt Revolving Rifle was an attempt to capitalize on the success of the cylinder operated Colt Navy Revolvers. Everyone was looking for a multiple shot format that worked the best. Why not then just create a long gun version of the revolver action? The Revolving Rifle became the first multiple shot rifle acquired by the United States Army.


It had problems and it was produced in a number of variations. Some had a hammer to pull back. Many featured a ring lever loader, a ring at the end of a cocking lever sat under the cylinder and this lined up the cylinder chamber holding a round with the barrel. This was little problem. One of the technical glitches occurred in the Side Hammer version that featured an enclosed cylinder chamber. So when powder fell out of a cartridge into the bottom of the enclosure, it would ignite all the rounds, sometimes resulting in shrapnel from the gun itself injuring the user.


The Colt revolving Rifle was produced as a carbine, as a longer more accurate rifle, and in .36, .44, .56 calibers. Barrel lengths were 15 inches, 17 inches, 21 inches and 24 inches. The government created 4400 of them and most were sold before the American Civil War.





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