More Photo ID Guesswork

by Daniel Russ on May 28, 2017

Post image for More Photo ID Guesswork


Again, I remind you I am guessing


Marines. Japan. maybe Okinawa, Rooting out dug in enemy.


PR Shot, Russians Counter attacking Germans



Italy. Nazi infantry unit mans an MG-42.



El Alamein, Bernard Montgomery, leaders of the 8th Army surveilling battlefield on top of a Matilda tank.



North Africa, Africa Korps Soldier with desert garb. Two stick hand grenades and a Mauser 98K.




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Louis October 19, 2017 at 8:40 am

The MG crew is crewing an MG34, as can be deduced by the round barrelhousing. The MG42 has a more rectangular barrelhousing.
The guys on the tank are just Tank Regiment people (Monty did wear the baret of the tank regiment, but he was not a tanker himself, and he would have probably chosen a bigger tank) on an american supplied M3\M5 Stuart\Honey light tank.

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