The Incredible LeMat Revolver. A Six Gun/Shotgun.

by Daniel Russ on April 26, 2017

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The LeMat was a cap & ball black powder revolver designed by Jean Alexandre LeMat. This was a creative and useful gun that did not see further use or expanded designs after the American Civil War. It was designed and sold to the Confederate Navy. The New Orleans gun manufacturer LeMat decided that the handgun could use an added bang for the buck, and under the cylinder is a .63 caliber single shot shotgun. The six shot gun fired a .41 caliber buller. The baby LeMat had a .31 caliber six shit and a .41 caliber shotgun.


It was a complicated gun with a loading lever to load the six round cylinder part. To fire the shot gun it required the shooter to place a percussion cap on the hammer field and pivot down a tab to strike the cap.





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