The Danes Bring Back Conscription.


The Peace Dividend didn’t last but seven years. It was 2010 when the Danish ended conscription. This year, they will recruit 4000 Danes. This is a result of the uncertain future of the US and the EU and NATO. Will Trump uphold his end of the bargain if the newly aggressive Russians start shooting? And it’s a result of suddenly active Russian navy conducting vigorous exercises and dangerously close airspace infractions with combat aircraft.

The New York Times reports this on March 5th:

“The threat of the U.S. no longer wanting to honor its security guarantees is the most important development in the history of the alliance,” said Henrik Breitenbauch, the director of the Center for Military Studies in Copenhagen. “It has created high levels of concern all over Europe.”

Peter Hultqvist, Sweden’s defense minister, said Sweden and other European countries were too quick after the Cold War to dismiss potential threats in the region. “Politicians at the time maybe thought that the future would be more sunny than the reality is today,” he said in an interview.

Mr. Hultqvist said: “From my point of view, many mistakes have been made over the years. The security situation and what could come in the future was underestimated.”

Wow. Yes Trump and Putin are effecting people the world over, and in some ways, in tandem and sometimes seemingly in cooperation.





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