Fritz X, Basically The Germans Created The World’s First Cruise Missile.

by Daniel Russ on March 12, 2017

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Fritz X was an anti ship glide bomb, or essentially a gravity bomb that can be flown manipulating radio command control surfaces. Essentially the Fritz X was the first JDAM or Stand Off Land Attack Missile.

The Fritz X required at least 13,000 of altitude and roughly 4 miles laterally to be operates.

It featured an aerodynamic nose, four stub wings, and tail all configured in a box shaped unit. The box had 12-sided annular set of fixed surfaces, and a cruciform style tail. Once the bomb was released, it began to naturally fly to the ground but the operator could straighten its descent and guide it into armored or bunkerized targets. It was built for sinking ships. It is thought to have hit the USS Bushrod Washington, The USS James W. Marshall, the HMS Warspite and the USS Philadelphia.

The Fritz X had reasonable new weapon success against the Allied naval assets at the landings at Salerno. The Army and Navy were ready at Anzio and the additional attacks were otherwise jammed elsewhere.




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Louis October 19, 2017 at 7:55 am

I would call it the first precision bomb, as it does not have a propulsion unit. In my view the first cruise missile, also german, would be the V-1. A propulsion unit, with a guidance unit, which will deliver a warhead across enemy territory.

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