The HS 293 Was The Father Of The SLAM Missile.

by Daniel Russ on April 17, 2017

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The HS 293 was one of the new weapons begun in 1939 by Henschel and a pioneering technology that we actually saw come to fruition during the Persian Gulf War. The HS 293 was a rocket powered 300 kg bomb that was launched in the air from it’s bracket slung underneath the wing of a heavy bomber. It would be guided in that the radio controlled wings were operated by a technician on the bomber. This is almost exactly the engineering architecture of the Stand Off Land Attack Missile, or SLAM cruise missiles.


One version had a solid liquid propellant motor and could fly for about 2 miles before it hit a target. The thousand of so they built sank perhaps 40 ships or helped other wireless guided bombs sink 40 ships. Like the Fritz X, it was easily jammed and soon became irrelevant. It had a 500 bomb and stood about 12 feet high and was 3 feet wide.





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