The War on Terror Fought with Drones and Cellphones.




It was the summer of 2015, an armed American drones cut silent angry swathes through the skies over eastern Syria. They were looking for ISIS operatives who were quite effectively creating havoc in various governments in Syria and across the world. Their work was not done with RPGs or AK-47s. Their weapons were fired from a Twitter account, convincing the weak of mind to join their cause and to execute flamboyant and aggressive ambushes on innocent people. One of them reviewed in an article in the NYT was Janaid Hussain. Hussain travelled with his young stepson, knowing that drones would not strike him if he had innocents nearby. One morning he walked of through a back alley in Raqqa and the drones were ready to pounce. Moments later he was immolated in a Hellfire strike.

Apparently the FBI found a group of recruiters who were effective in social media and called them The Legion. The FBI is defeating them by using a combination of good old fashioned police work, and military power with the help of the Pentagon. They track the recruits, discover their whereabouts and grab them or kill them unawares. Many of the arrests are dramatic result in a gunfight. Others, like he arrest of Usaamah Abdullah Rahim who plotted to kill Pam Gellar, the Conservative talk show figure was an uneventful thing in Boston.

From the article in the Grey Lady: Mr. Hussain wore a number of hats, including that of a hacker. He was linked to the release of personal information on more than 1,300 American military and government employees. In March 2015, his group posted the names and addresses of service members with instructions: “Kill them in their own lands, behead them in their own homes, stab them to death as they walk their streets thinking they are safe.”

The recruiters ask for cruel and disrupting violence, like capturing people and recording their murder and placing the murder on Youtube.





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