Here Is My Time Capsule Prediction For The Trump Presidency.

I wrote this just over 4 years ago. Some of it is too over the top to have taken place. The rest has pretty much happened.



It’s November 24th, 2016, 12:52 PM, Austin.



When George W Bush was elected president, I remember writing an email to a friend saying essentially, yes, the majority of this country is really really dumb. I remember saying we would move the country backwards morally and in the eyes of the world; a world that once admired us would now just fear us and scratch their heads and wonder how did this happen?

Well, I hate to say it but I was right. Not only was I right, I was right on the nose. We invaded Afghanistan, and like so many superpowers, we left an unresolved and expensive mess in what history calls ” The Graveyard of Empires.” This is a style of warfare that really has few winners, rather it produces casualties in the invading force so tiresome, so terrifying and so unrelenting that it obfuscates the original mission and brings into question the ROI. Then he invaded Iraq and did it conflating two events that Iraq had little or nothing to do with: 9/11 and weapons of mass destruction. The script, written by an extreme right wing think tank, the Project For A New American Century crashed and burned with a completely broken Iraq, an emboldened Iran, a broke USA and a global insurgency that created Al Nustra, Boko Haram, and ISIS. Eight months before the end of his second term, we suffered a depression. Millions lost their jobs and their insurance, and worse, the United States of America had officially tortured people it held in captivity.

There  has never been a more shameful episode, not Emmet Till not even in Martin Luther King’s assassination have we been more guilty of appealing to the lowest version of our selves than we did at Abu Gharaib and god knows whatever other torture facilities we curated across the world. Shamefully and cowardly hiding behind legal terms like ‘enhanced interrogation’ we sullied every decent thing we ever stood for. We were not just criminal, we were intentionally cruel.

Here we are at the end of an election but in the final seven weeks of lambduckery. And here is my letter now to that same friend. I say friend but that was the last I heard from him. Ever.

Fine. Here’s what’s coming now with the next Republican administration.

In two years you are all going to see that he hasn’t increased jobs. He hasn’t brought manufacturing home and he hasn’t done a thing to stop Congress from lining its pockets and the pockets of its corporate sponsors. You will see many of the gains minorities have made will evanesce with state referendums that will most certainly be skewed towards a sort of Sharia Law for Christians.  No abortion. No science. No Gay marriage. Your will get all of that and you will get the most extreme right wing laws enacted that will hurt only the most vulnerable.

You see a man who called his opponent ‘crooked’ will be almost a Biblical figure, a sort of anti-Christ who is more crooked than anyone who has ever fleeced their flock. The improprieties that have already begun before the inauguration will continue unabated.

Pence will run things behind the scenes and so the entire country will be ruled as if it’s all a Tennessee backwoods church.

Right wing violence will increase, and the use of racial slurs will inundate public discourse. Locally, many towns will be overrun with and governed by fascist groups.

Trump will have done nothing about jobs made obsolete by digital technology. He will not dominate China in trade deals given that in the last eight years the Obama administration has defeated China in World Trade Organization Court 14 times. No, you will not see a well oiled machine operating our government. You will see shut downs and threats and branches of government overstepping the checks and balances provided by the Constitution. There will be shortages and outages and more backroom deals than an entire Sopranos season of reruns. Trump will embarrass us, our allies and our enemies. Like a mouthy brother-in-law at Thanksgiving, he will wear us all down rather quickly.

Militarily we will see much of the Pentagon as a defense organization tuned to be a profit center for arms manufacturers, continuing to draw the largest defense budgets in history, adding to an already engorged national debt.

Simultaneously schools will have their budgets cut. Trump will mean smart bombs and dumb kids.

Media will be worse, not better. We see already that Trump is not changing, and neither is CNN, Fox News or MSNBC. As long as ratings mean money, then eyes will count more than content. Until a change is mandated, media will always be suspect.

Here is what I think. His promises will seem as empty to those he convinced as they watch him increase the size of the swamp quite a bit. And if you did vote for him, he’s breaking your heart.

Hope you’re happy.





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