The PSN-2 Glider Bomber

by Daniel Russ on January 1, 2017

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It was 1933 when a Russian inventor was able to create a glider aircraft large enough to be a transport, or a bomber as well. The PSN or Planer Spetsial’no Naznachenaya – Glider for Special Purposes. Because so many of the special missions involved oceanic flying, the plane it self was conceived as a floatplane. It could be towed from water, or it could be folded under wings and then reeled out as the mothership is flying. The range was up to 700 kilometers depending on altitude and atmospheric condition. But pilots controlled her from an open cockpit in the nose. Like all gliders, it was powered by gravity and momentum, nothing more, the wooden construction made it light enough and strong enough to carry dozens of troops or thousands of pounds of ordinance, or resupply. It was the mid-1930s. If the Russians had any idea what conflagration was coming soon, research would not have been curtailed in 1940.






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