German Panzers Had No Idea The Can Of Whoop Ass New US Tanks Were Bringing.

by Daniel Russ on November 4, 2016

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Imagine for a second that a couple of divisions of heavy German tanks were linked up strategically in a wagon wheel formation around Berlin. Imagine also that these tanks included the Panzer Mark VI Tiger 1 and the panzer Mark VI King Tiger. And The Panzer mark V Panther. You can bet that the United States Army was knee deep in developing tanks that had the firepower and protection of the Panzers. Some of the designs in the queue were the T29 and the T30. There were about 6 made and all had variatons on the basics.

Te guns they were experimenting with was the 105mm T5E2 main gun that could penetrate almost 30mm of tempered glacis armor at a kilometer away. That would open up any German tank like a tuna can.

The 155mm L/40 high-velocity cannon required two loaders just to handle its massive shells. It would be able to stop any tank listed above and open up holes in the Zeigfreid line. The T29 and T30 were powered, or shall I say underpowered, by 600 horsepower engines. Allison the Gas Turbine Division of GM was trying to develop a 700 horsepower plant.

These tanks would have owned the battlefield. The Germans by then were out of gas and their factories were in ruins. They couldn’t develop a better tank after 1945 for any reason in the world.

Thousands were ordered, and thusly cancelled when Germany and later Japan surrendered.






T 28 with 105mm cannon







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Josh December 2, 2019 at 6:40 pm

What was the point of this post? There were plenty of guns towards the end of the war that could penetrate german tanks from both the americans and the russians. Also 30mm of penetration is not very impressive from a km away.

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