The Gas Vans.

by Daniel Russ on September 1, 2016

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Imagine it’s 1940 and in your little Byelorussian town a Nazi regiment shows up. Among the vehicles are a couple of vans. Jews or mentally retarded citizens, Roma, chronically ill folks in hospitals, and criminals are then rounded up, stripped naked and piled into the vans and the doors are locked.

The driver starts the engine. He hits a switch that pumps engine exhaust into the van cabin.

The interiors have been hardened to resist the pounding and struggles of the people who are being asphyxiated. After the struggle ends, the driver can then deliver the corpses directly to a crematorium where all evidence is immolated.

This is among the jobs that the SS Einsatzgruppen performed in the war. Two versions of the vans were built, a smaller one that held 30 people and a larger one for 70 victims

About 500,000 – 600,000 persons were killed in gas vans.


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