The Auto-Ordnance T-2 Submachine Gun

by Daniel Russ on August 2, 2016



As early as 1939, as the German Army was advancing across Europe, both the British and United States realized their oversight in ignoring the pistol caliber submachine gun, and both countries scrambled to get a submachine gun in service. The only proven design that was immediately available was the .45 caliber Thompson submachine gun.

The Auto-Ordnance T-2 Submachine Gun entry was a loser. But a fascinating one. I found this open bolt stamped metal receiver type design interesting. Because it paired up with a pretty robust wooden stock. Here is a video of the gun that lost the competition, and became a collectible. It was deisgned on both 9mm Parabellum and .45 auto.

Only five known examples of the T-2 still exist, two are in private collections.





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