The Crossley Tankette

by Daniel Russ on July 21, 2016

Tanks were first created by France, Britain, Germany and, Japan and the United States. No one really knew what the best combination of gun and armor and engines type would be most effective on a battlefield. So early attempts were often false starts. The fist actual tanks were armored cars, and one particular was the Crossley Tankette. Its six-wheeled 3 axle drive train used Kegresse rubber tracks wrapped over read wheels. The steering tires were on the rear axle of this car, and a covered firing compartment where a double barreled .303 machine gun and a .50 caliber machine gun could be mounted and operated.


Things like gas exhaust and desert sand were not considered in manufacture. There were only 5 built, all of them were bought by Egypt’s government and performed badly in the desert.




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