The Sturmtiger.

by Daniel Russ on June 29, 2016

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The Sturmtiger was a German assault gun built on the Panzer mark VI Tiger I chassis. The idea was to create an infantry assault support vehicle that could destroy heavily defended pillboxes and buildings. It carried a 380 mm rocket launcher, a 100mm grenade launcher and a 7.92mm machine gun. The 380 mm rocket launcher was adapted from the Kreigsmarine naval depth charge launcher.

The Sturmtiger weighed 65 tons and featured fairly heavy 150 mm thick and sloped armor. It was designed for close in urban fighting around infantry battalions, and it required 5 crewmembers to operate.

The Sturmtiger was used in the Warsaw uprising and in the defense of Remagen. Just 19 of them were built







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