The Sturmgeschütz Series.

by Daniel Russ on June 9, 2016



Germany made more Sturmgeschütz anti tank guns than they made Panther tanks IV. 11,000 of these mobile guns were manufactured. Only 8,000 Panthers made it off the assembly lines. The Stug for short was a series of mobile assault guns that saw much action in World War II. The Stug III was built on the Panzer II Chassis. The Stug IV was built on the Panzer IV chassis.


This odd ‘tank’ did not have a traversable turret. The advantage was that it took less time to build these and get them to the battlefield. The disadvantage was that the tank had to be steered left or right to aim. That meant the engine had to be on, which might give away an ambush position. So the Stug, while extremely effective, was a defensive armored vehicle used as support and ambush.


The Stug had a gas engine and a low profile and its gun could knock out anything the Allies could field. In fact, German armored divisions could block holes in their lines with Stugs. This vehicle spit death all over the killing fields of Kursk and Moscow.


1100 Sturmgeschütz IVs were built, utilizing sloped armor on the Panzer IV chassis. It was so heavy that after the first run all production was halted.




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Shane Faulkner June 9, 2016 at 10:07 am

Spending national treasure and effort on building specialized units seems to be a complete waste and a really bad idea. I would have spent the production efforts into mass production of 88’s on tracks/wheels (no putting them on tiger tank).

catfish June 9, 2016 at 12:12 pm

Think of it this way. You have 16,000 high velocity 75mm anti tank guns. And you have 3000 obsolete but working tank chassis. Well putting that gun in the fight definitely helps vs leaving it out. In fact Shane, war scholars think anti tank guns killed way more tanks than tanks did.

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