The Marder.

by Daniel Russ on June 5, 2016



The Marder was one of the German armored assault guns used to support infantry advances and secure the flanks of armored assemblies. It was a citadel style, or open turret design. Soldiers really did not like the fact that gun operators were exposed to shrapnel and small arms fire. Some models sported the lethal high velocity 76mm PaK gun or the 75mm Pak 40. This diesel powered mobile gun was placed on the reliable Czechoslovak LT-38 chassis.

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Exactly 1736 Marder IIIs were built. They saw action on the Eastern front and in Tunisia. Its 50 mm armored glacis plating was insufficient to withstand a round even from a short barreled 75mm fired from a Sherman or anything larger. The Marder III also suffered from a high profile, and it required a crew of 4 men.



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