Marpi Point, 800 Japanese Commit Suicide During The Battle For Saipan.

On June 15 1944, 8000 US Marines invaded Saipan and began offensive operations against the Japanese troops firmly ensconced in hidden redoubts all over the island. When troops pushed the population into a corner, 8000 of them jumped off these 800 foot cliffs in suicidal falls. Entire families lined up and they pushed each other off the cliffs






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  1. “June 15 1955, 800 US Marines”, might be a typo. I Think this should read 1944, and 8000.
    One of the reasons there were so many civilians is that Saipan was considered almost a home island. And those civilains did retrreat in front of the Marines, and Army, becuase they were told that the Americans would probably either kill them, or otherwise maltreat them. It took a lot of convincing, from japanses speaking US personel, to get the ones that hid in the caves, and did not want, or could not, jump to come out.

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