Quadaffi’s Fetishes



Muammar Quaddafi rose to power with absolute authority in a  thinly populated county of 600000 in North Africa. He positioned himself as an Arab leader opposed to the western colonial powers inundating the halls of power in the Mideast. Along with his rise to power came a lot of promises and gifts. Education, medicine and petrol was free. Electricity was free and the overall level of education actually rose under his purview.

As one would think, power corrupts and Quaddafi’s unfettered power, and secrecy, his predilection to fight dirty revealed a twisted and deeply cruel man.

Apparently he kept harems of young men and women and raped these innocent children and did this for decades. The Guide, he called himself, would visit schools and in the manner of any subjugated people, groups of children were sent out to quote from his book and put on a great obsequious show to the leader. He walked among them. And if he saw a child that interested him, he simply patted them on the head. That child would be purloined, essentially kidnapped, and raped by the leader and his minions in a torture chamber.

It was cruel and gross and something that completely drains any empathy you might have for a man representing a suppressed culture.

Not only did he rape children, he froze his enemies corpses and occasionally enjoyed viewing the heads of his victims.

He took a lot of chances and conducted terrorist acts across the world to oppose the US. The American discoteque he bombed in Berlin, assassinations, the Lockerbie crash, this was an aggressive leader.

Madness consumes even the most powerful because it is a maddening force. He made his victims take drugs, drink, and worship him. He eventually formed his own Praetorian Guards, all women. He surrounded himself with worshippers and addictive narcotics.

He tortured too many people and he died in a pool of blood on October 20, 2011 at the hands of his tormentors.


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