Review. JFK. The Smoking Gun

by Daniel Russ on January 2, 2016

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Veteran Police Detective Colin McLaren spent years researching another possible explanation for the death of JFK. This theory goes something like this:


Oswald’s first shot missed and rebounding shrapnel hit the President in the head and he reacted to it. The second shot went through the right clavicle and out the throat of Kennedy and then into Governor Connally.


Agent George Hickey looked up and saw Oswald in the book depository upper floor window. He grabbed his AR-15 and flipped off the safety. As he raised the gun, it misfired and hit Kennedy from behind, through his head and exited through the right frontal part of his skull.


It’s an amazing story that deprecates the Grassy Knoll Theory and produces a whole panoply of uncalled witnesses who described “the man in the car behind Kennedy that stood up with his machine gun,” and “I smelled gunpowder from the street”.


Full of holes, but fascinating.




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