The Army Tried To Contract Its Own Close Air Support Effort.

by Daniel Russ on November 19, 2015



In the 1960s the US Army tired of its dependence on USAF aircraft for the close support mission. Aircraft like the The Century Series – like the F-106, the F-100, the F-101, or the Republic F-105 Thunderchief could not linger over the battlefield and concentrate power. They were too fast and vulnerable to ground fire. Instead the US Army was searching for a VTOL platform that could linger and would be under the purview of Army authorities. Thusly was the Advanced Aerial Fire Support System or AAFSS introduced.


This aircraft would be heavily armored to withstand ground fire and would have carried a 30-mm automatic cannon with 1,000 rounds or a rocket and two remotely-controlled gun turrets with 12,000 rounds of ammunition. The weapons package included grenade launchers, and the Shellelagh or BGM-71 TOW missile.




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