The Flag of ISIS and 9/11.

04at-war-isis-flag-web-blog480Lt. Col. Rod Coffey


Lt. Col. Rod Coffey and the insurgent flag his unit captured in Diyala Province, Iraq, in 2008. This is the same banner would eventually be used by the Islamic State.

The image on the flag is mostly Arabic typography that is now the widely known black banner of the Islamic State, or ISIS. The photograph was taken in March 2008 after American forces pushed insurgents out of Diyala Province.

The wording on the flag is the shahada, or the declaration of faith.

Like many warlike and brutal groups, the symbol has become a brand for unrelenting, unrepentant and unbending Islamic conservatism.

On yet another anniversary of 9/11 we have to look at how our own military excursions generate a reaction. ISIS, the Taliban, Al Nusra, Al Quaeda are all reactions to the military incursion of western forces on what conservative Muslims say is their country and holy land.

The power vacuum created by the idiotic incompetence of people like Paul Bremer and Dick Cheney always bites someone in the ass. But with no good media, few Americans consider anything beyond the churlish hyper patriotic talking points generated by our “press”.


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