And Even More Amazing Photos


KKK Relaxing At a Carnival.



US Intelligence Guesses What Hitler Might Look Like In Hiding.


Naval Avaitors Who Land On The Wrong Side Of The Deck Get Humiliated. Grumman F9F Panther.


Nazis Executed A Communist In 1941



Ruby Bridges, First African American Child At A White School In November 1960.



Magda and Josef Geobbels Wedding. 1931.



Pyramid of Captured German Helmets 1918, After WWI.



Hitler Watches The Gustav Gun, The largest Artillery Piece Ever Built.



John Kennedy Junior Salutes His Father’ With Honor Guard.




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  1. “Nazis Executed A Communist In 1941”. As the uniforms are more WWI than WWII, and I have seen this picture before with different captions, I believe that it is more probably somewhere during the 1919/1920 “sort of Civil War” in Germany, when red Spartakists and Reactionairy Stahlhelm militias fought for dominance in Berlin, and elsewhere in post WWI Germany

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