Communist Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s Last Speech When The Crowd And Then Finally The Country Turns On Him.

It’s interesting to see his expression when he realizes it’s over. It was December 21, 1989 when he was on the balcony of the Central Committee building overlooking Palace Square.

The workers he was speaking to were forced to listen to the speech and began to jeer. He was a typical cult-of-personality-nationalist leader. He bragged about Romanian rule and society and as he grew older, he began to reign with a rigid orthodoxy that even the hard style Soviets of the early 1980s thought was a bit too intransigent.

Previous leaders had spent Romania into debt and Ceausescu sold off their oil and timber and other natural resources. The resulting shortages lowered the standard of living and caused a collapse of his regime.

He and his wife Elena escaped by a helicopter, but the Romanian Army captured them and convicted them in a kangaroo court.

Four days after his speech, he and his wife were shot by a firing  squad. This was probably the only example of a violent overthrow of a Communist dictator by his people.


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