West Point Grad Lambasts Chris Matthews

West Point's Graduation Ceremony
West Point's Graduation Ceremony

“Ben Salvito, a member of the class of 2010, wrote a response on The New Ledger Web site Wednesday saying that the cadets’ lack of excitement had nothing to do with their opinions:

To applaud or to boo at the announcements made last night would have both been equally inappropriate for the Corps of Cadets. In fact, the stoic reaction by all ought to leave the world confident in the Corps’ and the military’s ability to be apolitical and execute the policies of the President and Congress with fervor and duty. […]
Cadets are trained in acceptance of orders, and the Commander-in-Chief was effectively issuing an order to all who were present. No cadet will be spared from the effects of President Obama’s remarks — his message has been received and internalized by all who were present in Eisenhower Hall. I am humbled by the President’s decision to announce his new strategy at my school and completely reject the notion of any who suggest that West Point is in any way “the enemy camp.” The enemy camps are in Helmand province, where soldiers are currently engaged in the President’s mission.”

Source: Huff Post


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