To Fight Crime In The Holland Tunnel, The NYPD Created Their Own Vehicle. The Cat Walk Car.

by Daniel Russ on April 8, 2015








                         The Catwalk Car

In 1927, the Holand Tunnel was opened. It was a machine ventilated passage under the Hudson River joining New York and New Jersey and when it was opened people loved it. Today it’s a somewhat moribund but still very useful thoroughfare and cultural icon.

To police it without being caught in traffic, the NYPD created special thin lanes around the traffic and created a special 8 HP gasoline car called the Catwalk Car.
Near the end of the exhibition in Hoboken is its prize artifact: one of the narrow electric cars that used to carry police officers along the catwalk that borders the roadway in the Holland Tunnel. The catwalk car was the fastest, surest way through the tunnel, gliding blithely past the most epic traffic jams — equipped with no horn, because none was needed — but, alas, it was taken out of service last spring.” -NYT




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