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by Daniel Russ on March 1, 2015


The Rise of Christian Rome, 300 AD to 800 AD



The Third  Century AD Was A Bad Time To BE A Roman Emperor.

Between 235 and 285, Rome had over 20 emperors, each of whom came to an inglorious demise. Some were offed by their own Centurions. Some died at the wrong end of a losing political battle for the throne. Some also died in captivity.



Rome under Trajan, 117 BC

Rome had grown almost ungovernable in the first century. Trajan decided to create distinct provinces and put each under some prefect or consul. There were 46 provinces under Trajan. By the reign of Diocletian (285-305) there were 96 Roman provinces.



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Louis October 11, 2017 at 4:58 am

By the reign of Diocletian (285-305) there were 96 Roman provinces.
Not that he conquered them. He just split up larger ones, and made them smaller, with less military power, as a lot of the emperors, and would be emperors, got their start of their way to the purple as prefect of a province, with a legion attached.

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