Developer Yuri Victor Developed Maps That Encapsulate The History Of The Roman Empire.

by Daniel Russ on February 25, 2015



This is Rome around the time of Trajan in 117 AD. This was Rome at its largest, and you can see from the  overlay that to the Northwest was Britannia and to the East was Egypt, Constantinople and the Levant. It is important to remember that it took about a month to go from one end of the empire to the other, it held together for 800 years before electricity.





This handy chart give you a sense of the distance in travel time during antiquity. That said, these travel times were probably quite fast in comparison to travelling in the oppressive deserts and plains of Mongolia or in the thick rain forests of Southeast Asia.




Rome under Trajan. 46 Provinces and at least as many miles of territory as the United States.


Source: Vox Media, Yuri Victor




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Louis October 11, 2017 at 4:53 am

“it held together for 800 years before electricity.” As the empire was gradually build over those 800 years, it was only as big as shown above for about 200 years. And they had this highway going through most of it, namely the Mediterranian, which made travel from one corner to the next doable within the time stated. As you can see from the travel map, it was easier and quicker to go to Carthage, and to go to Mediolanum\Milan, as Carthago was a less then 7 days sea journey, and Milan a more then 7 days land journey, even over the very good Roman roads, although I expect that you would probably have traveled up the coast and then across the mountains. But still, not as easy as getting to Carthago.

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