July 17,1944. 57,000 German POWs Are Marched Through The Streets Of Moscow.

by Daniel Russ on February 16, 2015

The Battle of Bagration. June 22 1944 – August 19 1944
Germans Are Pushed Out of Byelorussia. Paraded Through the Streets of Moscow.
It was another one of those behemoth military campaigns that few have ever heard of, but was a pivotal point in the largest war in history. Bagration was the systematic removal of German Army Group Center from Byelorussia and Eastern Poland. It began on the third anniversary of the German invasion of Russia, June 22nd 1944, and ended just two months later on August 19 1944. Bagration was named after the Georgian Prince Pyotr Bagration who fought so well against Napoleon in 1812.
The Germans had about 850,00 total troops and reinforcements. The Soviets under Zhukov had almost 4 million troops and reinforcements. This of course dwarfed Normandy, as did Barbarossa. That said it was also launched against Germany just weeks after Normandy. Now the Germans really had their hands full. Americans and British have retaken most of Italy and all of North Africa. The Soviet steamroller over 120 divisions across the Eastern front is unstoppable. Hitler now faces heavy resistance not just from foreign armies, but from resistance movements that doggedly defy the Nazi occupiers.
Bagration was Hitler as incompetent military commander, refusing to allow surrounded troops to retreat and fight another day. Hitler of course brought this defeat upon himself. On 17 July 1944, 57,000 German prisoners marched to Moscow after “Operation Bagration”. This was a major PR coup for Stalin. Nicely dressed in their Hugo Boss uniforms, the Nazis knew it was over.
57,000 German prisoners march to moscow after defeat at Belarus during Operation Bagration 17 July 1944 (1)
Source: wiki, German archive files

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Louis October 11, 2017 at 4:23 am

“Soviets Are Pushed Out of Byelorussia”. this looks like a typo. I think it should say “Germans are pushed out of Byelorussia.

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