Almost 250,000 Underage Soldiers Fought In World War I.

by Daniel Russ on December 13, 2014



German Teenager Infantry WWI


There is an interesting article by Amber Hildebrandt in CBC News Canada about a boy names Roy Clarence Armstrong, a 17 year old who lied about his age to fight in World War I. Apparently 20,000 Canadian youth lied about their age to enlist in the First World War.

This is a low figure according to a leaning site published out the UK. They clam that 250,000 boys, or soldier sunder the age of 17 lied and fought. This is an amazing statistic. But other sources claim that as many as a quarter of a million young boys fought in World War I.

The French, the Germans, the English, the Turks, the Belgians and the Russians happily turned a blind eye to the youth crowding recruitment centers vying for a uniform and a gun and a regiment.

It is a shame. Yet the First World War was death on an industrial level and required cannon fodder.

In many ways World War I was the worst fought war. Massive infantry charges into machines gun emplacements, the widespread use of blistering agents and now this, children under arms.

lancasterboysBritish Youth, Lancaster WWI


child02French Teens Signing Up To Fight


child15French Soldiers WWI With A 15 Year Old In Uniform

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