The Maunsell Forts

by Daniel Russ on November 24, 2014




To protect the seaways of England in World War II, and to provide early warning capabilities against German bombing campaigns, British engineers constructed a series of fortified bunkers elevated over the Thames and Mersey estuaries. The Maunsell Forts were named after the designer Guy Maunsell. These fortifications were also gun platforms and meant to take on incoming aircraft and naval threats. High density concrete pontoons were lifted on two cylindrical towers sunk into the sand below the water surface. Twin 37mm and 40mm gun emplacements gave them considerable firepower.


Oddly, rogue radio stations have been run out of the Maunsell forts on and off since the 1950s when the they were decommissioned. To this day, Roughs Towers are occupied by an unrecognized principality called Sealand. That is a whole other story.













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