Great Photos Of The US M-10 Tank Destroyer In Action In Europe.

by Daniel Russ on November 10, 2014


The 6000, some odd M-10 tank destroyers we built had a potent 76mm gun that could stop a good number of smaller and medium German tanks fielded in Europe in World War II. Using High Velocity Anti- Tank rounds, the gun, on an M4 Chassis proved effective also against soft targets like other mobile assault guns and machine gun emplacements and pill boxes. Eventually the Panzer Mark V Panthers and the Panzer Mk VI Tiger I were a bit too much to trade one to one with an M-10. Soon enough 1000 90mm M36 tank destroyers were built and shipped to the western front where they proved themselves up to the task of stopping German armor. The M36 and M18 Hellcat versions were actually found to be used by Serbians in the Balkans civil wars in the 1990s.





The crew of a US M-10 Tank Killer in World War II worked in an open turret configuration.


croquis TD def 001

Cross section of the M-10, (formerly the M-3 Gun Carriage) from a French publication (



Loader, Gunner and Commander worked shoulder to shoulder in the M-10.

This was a dangerous place to be but the M-10 showed itself well in combat.



This German tank crew captured an M-10 and turned it back on the Allies.



An M-10 rolls through Europe chasing the Wehrmacht east ward.



M-36 with 90mm Gun


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