The Reason The Soviet Union Caught Up On Nuclear Technology So Rapidly.



Emil Klaus Fuchs

Emil Julius Klaus Fuchs was born on the 29th day of December 1911, and died on 28th January 1988. This German born son of a Lutheran pastor attended the University of Leipzig where he sought out the political parties embedded in the school. First he became a self proclaimed Social Democrat and fought for the rights of workers and ordinary citizens. He was no fascit and grew to hate the Brown Shirts who warped political good intentions into violence. After the Reichstag fire raged, he fled Germany and traveled to England.

Fuchs finished his schooling in Theoretical Physics at the university of Bristol. Soon he was ensconced in secret labs in Canada and on the Isle of Mann where he worked on “Tube alloys” a euphemism for British atomic bomb experiments. He did indeed help build both the fission and the fusion bomb the fission bomb calculating values around the implosion sequence.

Ruth Kuczynski was an officer in the Soviet Military Intelligence Service inside Richard Sorge’s famous spy ring. She was actually one of the most successful spied for the Soviet Union and was probably singlehandedly responsible for the speed at which the Soviets caught up in the race for nuclear weaponry. A Fuchs-Kuczynski alliance managed to pass along the majority of the research the US was conducting on bombs in the early fifties.

In 1950 he confessed to spying and spent 9 years of a 14 year sentence in a British prison. Afterwards he immigrated to East Germany where he later served as deputy director of the Institute for Nuclear Research retired in the 1970s rather comfortably.


Ruth Kuczynski, 1938 2

Ruth Kuczynski, ‘Sonya’



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