Zvika Greengold Destroyed 20 tanks in the Yom Kippur War. Maybe 40. Who knows?


Zvika Greengold


He came from good stock. His parents were not just Holocaust survivors, they were insurgents, partisan fighters who struck back at the Nazis behind the lines. On October 6th, 1973, when Jews around the world were ensconced in synagogues, the Egyptians and Syrians launched a two pronged attack on Israel. Zvika Greengold was at home on leave for the High Holidays when the attack struck. He had to hitchhike a ride to the IDF command center in the Golan Heights. There, no tanks were immediately available, so he helped handle wounded soldiers.


Commandeering a Centurion tank, he and a few other tankers encounter a tank company size Syrian armor detachment that had broken through the lines and was headed unopposed towards Nafekh. He knocked out six T-55s in a  matter of moments. A half hour later he lost contact with his support but came upon the Syrian 452nd tank battalion and before they could react, he hit ten of them.


Both the Syrian opposition and the Israelis thought he and one other tank were the size of a battalion. For the next two days he fought on, sometimes by himself and sometimes with other tank units. He claimed a total of 20 tank kills, but other veterans of the same battles  say he hit, hurt, or destroyed 40 enemy tanks.


Zvika also changed tanks at least three times as he abandoned tanks that were hit hard enough to take them out of action.




The Sho’t Or Whip in Heberew. This was the up armored Israeli Edition of the

British Centurion tank with it’s L7 105mm gun.


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