Russia Deploys Unsupervised Robot Guards.

sentry robot


Dmitry Andreyev of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces announced recently that  five Russian missile bases will now be patrolled and guarded by armed robots. Izhevsk Radio Plant was the firm that developed the 2000 pound tracked vehicle. It uses a laser rangefinder and radar sensors. It travels around 35 miles per hour over rough terrain and is armed with a 50 12.7mm heavy machine gun.

New Scientist Magazine forwarded questions to the makers about who authorizes kills. In the US, each strike is authorize by a Judge Advocate General at the controls. This would be one of the first times in history a robot defense system was employed full time.

Deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin said “We have to conduct battles without any contact, so that our boys do not die, and for that it is necessary to use war robots.”

The worry is premature. We have more to fear from land mines that never know when to quit killing.


Source: New Scientist Magazine, BBC




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