La Binz.




They called her La Binz. Dorothea Binz (March 16, 1920 – May 2, 1947) was the SS supervisor for the women’s encampment at Ravensbrück Concentration camp. In 1939, she began working there as a maid and in the kitchen. She especially liked to supervise the torture and execution of prisoners she chose at a moment’s notice. She slapped struck, kicked and whipped prisoners and shot prisoners with no pity.


She had an open affair with a married SS officer Edmund Bräuning and took long romantic walks with him. The couple would watch as women were flogged. She escaped on a death march but was identified and caught by British authorities. She was given a trial in Ravensbrück and saw justice dangling from a rope at Hameln prisoner on May 2, 1947






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