The Aricebo Message.

by Daniel Russ on September 12, 2014





Whomever or whatever receives the message will live at the edge of the Milky Way, some 21,000 light years from our tiny solar system. The neighborhood has around 330,000 stars in a globular cluster designated M13. The message will likely reach it’s destination long after we have also shed the bonds of Earth and ventured to other worlds.

It was broadcast from the Aricebo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico on Novermber 16th, 1974 in a single event. The 305 foot radio telescope antennae blasted the single equivalent to a 20 trillion watt burst. The message is written in the universal language: math. It is divided into 73 lines of code in 23 characters per line. Because these are prime numbers, this will help any one with math to see there is meaning in this. The 1678 bits of data is a semi prime number, a product of two prime numbers multiplied.

Dr. Frank  Drake and Carl Sagan composed the message and it had several points to cover. It communicated numbers one to ten. It communicates the atomic numbers of basic elements from hydrogen to carbon to Phosphorus, nucleotides formulas, DNA nucleotide counts, the double helix, a human figure, a graphic of the solar system and the population of Earth.

We’ll see if anyone answers.




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