The Nashorn.

by Daniel Russ on September 6, 2014





In February 1942, Alkett arms of Berlin designed a tank destroyer the Nashorn. Nashorn means Rhinoceros. The 494 Nashorn anti tank destroyers became one of the effective armored weapons the Germans produced. Hitler really wanted a low profile tank destroyer like the jagdpanzer series, but he liked the super Navy 88mm gun, the Panzerabwehrkannone 43/L71 that was later carried on the Panzer mark VII King Tiger. The Nashorn had a high profile but it also boasted a built up shield to protect the crew from small arms fire operating in it’s open air casemate citadel. Like the Marder and the Hetzer, the Nashorn was not designed to duel with tanks, just to provide long range shots at tanks, ambush them and provide artillery protection against soft infantry targets.

It performed well in Kursk, where it debuted. Oh, well not enough I suppose.



Russland, Jagdpanzer Nashorn/Hornisse


Nashorns Probably in Russia



Italien, Panzer VI (Tiger I), Panzerjäger Nashorn/Hornisse


Nashorns probably at Kursk

Sources: Bundesarchive, wiki



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